Learn the game. Find grenades. Improve your skill with our CS:GO stats.
Win more and become unstoppable.
We will show you the way to
become a better player
Tons of useful stats, insightful advice and tools for self-improvement
Match breakdown
All your matches will be split into atoms and analyzed

Remove your weak sides by learning your best maps, positions, grenade line ups and clutch stats
Analyze every move and think on your team tactics with our integrated CS:GO demo viewer

Watching a replay and finding that memorable moment was never so comfortable
Tactical board
Plan your game. Create tactics for a single round or the whole match.

Every move, sound and grenade throw can be visualized without leaving out a single detail.
40.000.000 grenades
Our grenade prediction service is the easiest way to find and learn new unusual grenades.

A wide array of HE, flash, smoke and incendiary grenades will allow you to always surprise your opponent with something new.
How to use SCOPE.GG Grenade prediciton
How it works
Create an account
using Steam or FACEIT
Give us access to your match history
This way we'll be able to analyse your matches right after you finish them
Level up your skill and win
We'll analyze your game and point out areas for growth. The rest is up to you.
They talk about us
Knowledge is power
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