What are the match token and authentication code?
Hey there! Match token and authentication code are needed to work with your recent competitive matches and your stats.

You need to paste them on the "Access to your match history" step.
Where can I find my recently completed match token?
You can find your recently completed match token on this page: https://help.steampowered.com/en/wizard/HelpWithGameIssue/?appid=730&issueid=128
I don't have a match token on a Steam Support page
You need to play at least one competitive match to have a match token on a Steam support page and to complete the "Access to your match history" registration step.If you don't have an opportunity to play that match, you can get access to some sections of our site (everything except "Dashboard" and "My matches") that don't require a created account.
How can I connect my Faceit account?
You can connect your Faceit account by two ways:

1. Сonnect your Faceit account by the "Auto Upload" on the "My matches" page (You need to connect a Faceit account that has the same Steam ID, that's important!);

2. You can log out (if you have signed in through Steam) and log in through Faceit by clicking the arrow near to your nickname in the top right corner.
How can I see all of my CS:GO matches?
The most recently completed match is uploaded after putting the most recently completed match token on the "Access to your match history" step. There is an opportunity to upload your previous matches by reconnecting an Auto Upload to your Steam account and putting there the share code of the match that was played not more than a month ago (that's because Valve keeps demos on their servers for that amount of time)

Also you can add your previous matches manually on the "Your matches" page by the "Add matches" option.
Where can I find steam share code to load the match manually?
To find a steam share code of a particular match:

1. Launch CS:GO and go to "Watch matches and tournaments" tab.

2. Select "Your Matches", and then select a match of your choice.

3. Left click on "Copy match sharing code" in the bottom right corner.
My Faceit/Steam matches aren't uploaded automatically.
At the moment there might be some technical issues with matches uploading to our site due to the parsing problems and a queue with demos.
Why do I need to give access to my match history? Is this safe???
By giving access to your match history you give our service an opportunity to work with your competitive matches and stats. After getting access to your match history we don't get access neither to your login and password, nor to your profile info and inventory.
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